Legislation for the sale of teddy bears has changed.


Henceforth, the term "Bear collection for adults, are prohibited for young children," is no longer sufficient and accepted by the French economic and financial services.


Indeed, the services of Cedef (Documentation Centre Economy Finance) now consider fluff "Teddy bear" are indeed part of the category of toys to suit children under 3 years.


Indeed, for them:

"... In terms of security expected, these products do not differ from conventional lint: neither their prices nor

their noble, or even the fact that they are produced in small series or even single part, can not make them less attractive to a child ... ".


So for the collectible toys can be sold freely to the economic and financial services, should they fall into the classification of "Decorative objects". Consequently, they require manufacturers to ensure that:

"... The lint collector / collectors for not allowing câlinage, it is your responsibility to provide

concrete elements to be classified in the heading decoration: eg sand ballast lint, put a base attached to the object to allow holding steady (In tying up with a metal rod used for dolls such ), ... "


For fairs and exhibitions, we suggest you submit your bears on one foot around the neck by including a clamp plastic (type Tyrap, Colson, Ladder Strips, Rilsan ...) to keep the bear attached to his support.


Perhaps, it would also be wise to sign each of your buyers to cover you, discharge the undertaking not to give her bear collection to a young child.


With the same aim of protecting its exhibitors, the "Salon bears, dolls, miniature dollhouse," will not allow the entry of young children under 12 without parental escorts discharge.

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